Veggie Roast 

I use Linda McCartneys vegetarian roast which is made from seeds rather than a nut roast which I prefer.  Advertisements

Tuna bake

Unfortunately I didn’t have any penne so used spaghetti still fab.  Ingredients: Pasta Tuna Passata Roasted vegetables Garlic Chickpeas Salt Pepper Oregano Olives Method: Cook the vegetables and garlic for 20 minutes in the oven in a baking dish.  Cook the pasta for ten minutes.  Add to the vegetables, some tuna, passata, seasonings, olives, chickpeas…

Veggie saag aloo

Ingredients: Potato’s Spinach Red chilli Garlic Pepper Salt Soy sauce  Garam masala Cumin  Cayenne pepper 

Veggie Chilli bowl

Quick lunch for an action-packed day!  Quorn mince, onions, cayenne pepper, garlic, salt, pepper, and tinned tomatos and kidney beans for the chilli.  Boil some rice Chop some soft avocado and done