Tuna pasta salad

This looks unappetising but it’s so tasty!!  Ingredients: Pasta Onion Mixed beans Pesto Philadelphia Tuna Cherry tomatos Olives Method: Simply cook the pasta, let it cook and add all the ingredients. Or add it to heated pasta. Either way it’s deliciousssss 

Mixed bean chilli. 

Ive been having a lot of Mexican style food lately as I need to get rid of my sour cream.  Without the cheese and cream this dish is vegan.  Ingredients: Mixed beans  Mushrooms Spinach Brown rice Peppers Onions Red chilli  Garlic Quorn mince Courgette Passatta/chopped tomatoes Cayenne pepper Salt and pepper Marmite Method: Chop the…

Vegetable burritos

I had a vegetable and tomato passatta mix of spinach, onion, peppers, courgette, red chili, oregano, salt and pepper in the fridge. I added some microwave wholegrain rice to it and microwaved it until piping hot.  I then took a wholegrain wrap and filled it with the tomato and veg mix, wrapped it up, covered…


Strange combination I know! Eggs and bruschetta. Although as the eggs were cold it was okay.  I made the salsa by chopping up plum tomatos, red onions and adding a dribble of lemon juice, oregano, salt, pepper and cumin.  I then put it on some wholegrain seeded toast and dribble some green pesto on top. 

Salmon, rice and roasted vegetables 

Ingredients: Salmon fillet Sweet chilli sauce Peppers Onion Broccoli Peas Courgette Rice Soy sauce  Salt and pepper Method: Place the salmon fillet in tin foil and cover with salt, pepper and sweet chilli sauce. Place in the oven for 25-30 minutes.  Roast the vegetables seasoned with salt, pepper and spray oil. Place in the oven…

Soup and ryvita

This lunch is super quick if you have a bus day like me.  The soup is the Glorious brand I found in Waitrose (unsure where else sells it). I’d never tried it before but it’s so good! Such great flavour! It’s vegan and called super spinach and chickpea.  I had dark rye ryvita and Moroccan…

Cod fish cakes

Ingredients Cod fish cakes Broccoli Yellow peppers Green beans Garlic Sweet potato Mayonnaise Mango chutney (spicy)

Breakfast granola

Original granola (lizi’s) Strawberrys and blueberries Alpro soya yoghurt

Snack time

I hardly ever snack and I think I need to more! This was a snack of olives, dark ryvita and Moroccan hummus ❣️